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raquel martínez fernández
t: spain +34 678 458 009



Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain. UPM. School of Architecture. UNESCO Chair.
2010 Specialist Course for Development Cooperation on Human Settlements in the Third World. Spatial Instruments (180 h).
University of Valladolid, Spain. UVA. School of Architecture.
2006 Master in Restoration of Heritage.
2005 Specialist in Techniques and Procedures for Restoration of Heritage.
2002 Certificate in Education (Cert Ed or C.A.P). Speciality in Drawing (150 h).
2002 Master Degree in Architecture.

2014 Zertifikat ECVET. Lime plasters. Level 1 and 2. Lern.Lehm. Germany. European Qualifications Framework.
2010 Works Manager. Level I and II. Fundación Laboral de la Construcción.


2014-present. Content director and project manager of #videoterra: research project of new formats and content on earth architecture, founding partner and member of activadoresurbanos.com.
2015 Architect. Design of Secondary Schools Marca Peru. District of Ayacucho, Peru.
2015 Co-Architect Project Restoration of the Church of Sacsamarca. Ayacucho, Peru. PUCP-DARS
2015 Architect for the NGO Mama Alice: Ecolodge in mud bricks. Quinua, Ayacucho. Peru.
1997-10 Assistant and architectural designer. Design and development of: Blocks of Flats, Terraced housing, Detached Villas, Villas, Public Buildings, Competitions, Restoration and Rehabilitation of traditional architecture, Urban Plans: Polo-Villacorta, S.L., Despacho de Arquitecturas, S.L., Javier Zanca Pernía, Valeriano Sierra Morillo, L. Arribas y L. Pérez Salamanca, Pablo Puente Aparicio. (Valladolid), Carlos Mochales Somovilla (Cuenca), Unquera Estudio, S.L.(Unquera, Cantabria), Cornago, Bonal & Garbayo, S.L. (Tudela, Navarra).
2009 Rural House. Castroserna de Abajo, Segovia. (R. Martínez & J. Zanca).
2007 Cataloging Ethnographic Heritage Real Estate Castile and León, Province Segovia. Research for the Department of Urban Planning at the University of Valladolid.
2006 Competition for the Design of the Seat of the Ribera del Duero Wine. (R. Martínez & E. López). Finalists.
2006 Housing Reform. Molina de Segura, Murcia. (R. Martínez & E. López).
1996-97 Surveying for the Encyclopedia Foundation Romanesque Santa María la Real. Romanesque Studies Center. Aguilar de Campo, Palencia. www.romanicodigital.com


2012 Project Tracking Travel Puckllay School and other projects in Peru of Architects Without Borders of Castile and Leon, ASFCyL.
2011 Fundraising: Coordinating funding request for Puckllay School. Lima, Peru. ASFCyL. Dip. of Valladolid. Resolution oct.2011. Amount awarded: 30,000 €.
2011 Fundraising: PCI. Inter-University Cooperation Project: ”Strengthening research and scientific-technical knowledge and culture through the study of new approaches to spatial and urban planning and sustainable indigenous technologies and to improve the quality of life of the most needy people of Manta,Ecuador ”. AECID. Resolution Nov. 2011. Amount granted: 140,000 €.


2014 Workshop: Vaults without formwork. Guest: Ramon Aguirre. Ayerbe, Huesca (29 participants)
Cuenca de Campos, Palencia (27 participants). Mud brick workshop. With Adobera del Norte and Obras con calma. Amayuelas, Palencia (11 participants). Promotion, management and organization.
www.talleresconstruccionsostenible.com    www.facebook.com/bovedasincimbra
2014-present Member and founding partner of trazosonoro.com Platform created for production
musical, audiovisual, editorial and artistic from an interdisciplinary perspective.
2011 Organization and coordination: VIII Congress of Earth Architecture. Grupotierra. Cuenca de Campos, Valladolid. 23rd-25th of sep.
2010 Fundraising: Funding for the organization of conferences and scientific meetings: VIII International Congress of Earthen Architecture. Tradition and Innovation. Castilla y Leon. Resolution May.2011. Amount awarded: 8,256 €.


2015 Lecturer. Land, property, earthquakes and knowledge transfer. IV International Seminar on Civil Engineering. Ayacucho, Peru.”
2015 Lecturer. “Videoterra: new forms of diffusion of knowledge in earth architecture”. SIACOT Ecuador.
2015 Lecturer. Why must we build with earth. UNSCH Cultural Center. Ayacucho, Peru
2015 Professor of “Project Workshop” and “Architecture and Landscape”. Alas Peruanas University. Ayacucho.
2014 Presentation. “Sustainable Construction workshops: learning through creative exploration in traditional technologies”. CIATTI XI. Cuenca de Campos, Valladolid.
2013 Assistant Professor. 6th JIAPEC. Workshop-adobe mud and straw. Estepa. Paredes de Nava, Palencia.
2012 Teacher Workshop Mud Heritage Youth Forum. Estepa Association.
2011 Teacher ASFCyL Workshop on Housing in Colombia of the course “Real Estate Development and Housing Development” by Professor J. L. Sáinz Guerra. E.T.S. Architecture of Valladolid.
2010 Lecturer: “Economic Systems vaulted roofing built of adobe and without centering”. In the course “Real Estate Development and Housing Development” by Professor J. L. Sáinz Guerra. E.T.S. Architecture of Valladolid and the VII International Congress of Earthen Architecture. Cuenca de Campos, Valladolid.
2010 Head of School Workshop “Solar Thermal Pergola”. (Substitution). Laguna de Duero, Valladolid.
2009 Lecture: “Pegueras (oven tars) in Tierra de Pinares”. VI International Congress of Earthen Architecture. Cuenca de Campos, Valladolid.
2007 Lecture: “Ethnographic Heritage Real Estate in Castile and Leon Segovia Province”. Conference on Architectural Heritage. E.T.S. Architecture, Valladolid.
2006 Teacher of Technical and Artistic Drawing. ESO and Bachelor. College of St. Francisco de Asis. Valladolid.


2015 ““Videoterra: new forms of diffusion of knowledge in earth architecture”. SIACOT Ecuador. With Mario Hidrobo and Mª Rosa Juárez.
2013 “GIS applied to planning. Information in the service of making decision. “Dignified, sustainable and secure social housing in Manta, Manabi, Ecuador. Coord: M. Camino Solorzano – ULEAM – Ecuador, JL Guerra Sainz – UVA – Spain. AECID. [on-line]. Alicia Sainz and Monica Muñoz.
2013 “The mud oven: heat without burning“. Maria Brown and Mariana Mas. SIACOT-Chile.
2013 “The diffusion of building with earth in internet: arqui-terra networks“. SIACOT-Chile. J. M. Sastre and others. [on-line].
2010“Economic Systems vaulted roofing factory: Nubian vault and recharged Mexican dome “. In: Build with earth. Technology and Architecture. Congress earthen architecture in Cuenca de Campos 2010/2011. [online]. Valladolid: Chair Juan de Villanueva. University of Valladolid. 2011. P. 89-100. Available on line: http://www5.uva.es/grupotierra/publicaciones/digital/libro2011/2011_9788469481073_p089-100_martinez.pdf
2009 “Oven tar (pegueras) in Tierra de Pinares“. In: Architecture built on land. Tradition and Innovation. Earthen Architecture Congress in Cuenca de Campos 2004/09 [online]. Valladolid: Chair Juan de Villanueva. University of Valladolid. 2009. P. 197-206. Available on line: http://www5.uva.es/grupotierra/publicaciones/digital/libro2010/2010_9788469345542_p197-206_martinez.pdf
2007 “Ethnographic Heritage Real Estate in Castile and Leon Segovia Province”. Avalaible on line: http://www.patrimoniocultural.jcyl.es/web/jcyl/PatrimonioCultural/es/Plantilla100Detalle/1284217324650/_/1284216312761/Redaccion


2012 Desktop Publishing (DTP): Jaime Vicario’s comic, También va contigo, Ed. Cáritas Española. http://nadiesinfuturo.org/especiales/tambien-va-contigo/article/comic-tambien-va-contigo-completo
2012 Desktop Publishing (DTP): Jaime Vicario’s comic, Paradeysos. Ed: Rico Adrados, S.L. ISBN: 978-84-96135-97-0 http://www.verkami.com/projects/1577
2012 Photo Exhibition: Arañados Signos for the VII Festival of the Word PoeXXI@
2011 Desktop Publishing (DTP): the VII and VII Congress. “Earth construction, technology and architecture: Congress of Architecture on Earth in Cuenca de Campos”, 2010/11. ISBN: 978-84-694-8107-3. http://www5.uva.es/grupotierra/publicaciones2011.html
2011 Photo Exhibition: Arañados Signos for the VI Festival Versátil.es.
2010 Photo Exhibition: Bar La Curva, Valladolid: Atrapasueños.
2009 Photo Competition and Exhibition: Miradas cruzadas II. Rehabimed. Barcelona. Finalist.
2009 Design Competition: Poster for the XXVIII edition of the Day of the Child. Distrit of Tetuán, Madrid. Finalist.
2000 Design Competition: Formica III. Design of a modular library. Special Mention.


#videoterra (2014- ) www.videoterra.es
Arqui-Terra (2010-2015):  https://www.facebook.com/groups/arqui.terra/
GrupoTierra (2010-2012): https://www.facebook.com/grupotierra.uva
ASFCyL (2010-2012): http://asfcyl.org/
Trazosonoro (2014-  ): www.trazosonoro.com
Estepa (2014- ): www.estepa.org
Talleres de construcción sostenible (2014): www.talleresconstruccionsostenible.com


Spanish (mother tongue).
English (B2.1). Official Language School of Tudela. Navarra, 2003-2004. 4th level.
French (A2). Mairie de Paris, 1998. Certificate of Proficiency. Level II.


Design and illustration: Autocad 2D-3D, Photoshop, Coreldraw, Quarkexpres, Indesign, Illustrator, Premiere.
Geographic Information Systems: gvSIG.
European Technical Code and Budgets: Lider, Calener, Construbit, Instalwin. Memorias COAG, CYPE instalaciones, Presto.
Others: Microsoft-Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Acrobat Pro.


Type B.


Music, cinema, photography, yoga, reading, walking.


2015 SIACOT2015. Cuenca, Ecuador
2015 Techniques of Creativity. University of Cantabria.
2015 Villes africaines: Introduction à la planification urbaine. Lausanne University. Switzerland
2014 Lime and Earth on the Heritage. (35 h). IPCE. Heritage School. Najera.
2014 Introduction to Disaster Risk Management. The World Bank. eInstitute.
2014 Designing and Implementing Successful Water Utility Reform. The World Bank. eInstitute.
2014 Sustainable Urban Land Use Planning. The World Bank. eInstitute.
2014 CIATTI XI. Congress on Earth Architecture. Cuenca de Campos, Spain.
2014 Workshop Partitioned Vaults. Chiloeches. Julio Palomino and Manuel Fortea. Guadalajara.
2014 Workshop Introduction to building with Bamboo. Eugenia Muscio. Madrid.
2013 Laboratory of ideas: Media, Solidarity Economy and alternatives to crisis “.Valladolid.
2013 X CIATTI. Congress on Earth Architecture. Cuenca de Campos, Spain.
2013 Workshop on Restoration of the Built Heritage on earth. Smartlocal. Cuenca de Campos, Spain.
2013 Human Rights Approach to Development Cooperation. (11,5h) Amnesty International.
2013 VI International Conference on Participatory Mud Bricks. (48h) By Maria Brown. Paredes de Nava.
2013 Course of Bio-construction and Bioclimatic building diversity. Biourb. Zamora. (100 h)
2012 Workshop lime plaster and mud. By Laurent Coquemont. Estepa, Paredes de Nava.
2011-12 Construction of a clay oven. Estepa Association. Paredes de Nava, Palencia.
2012 Workshop lime and clay plasters by Laurent Coquemont. Estepa Association in Paredes de Nava, Palencia.
2011-12 Building a clay oven. Estepa Association in Paredes de Nava, Palencia.
2012 Microfinance and Microcredit. NGO Coordinator. Obra Social La Caixa. (16h).
2011 Visualizar’11. Ontography for the Spanish Revolution: Visualizing the metaphysics of infrastructure Workshop: John Calvelli (Canada). Medialab-Prado. Madrid. 14-06 to 02-07-2011.
2011 Architecture for civic integration. Workshop: Carlos Quintans. VII Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism. Publications and digital publishing. La Casa Encendida. Madrid. (12h).
2011 International Day of Development Cooperation in the Field of Basic Habitability . Un. of Alcala.
2011 II International Academic Conference on Development Cooperation of Castile and Leon. UVA.
2011 1er Colloque International d’Architecture Emotionnelle. Foundation Louis-Jeantet, Genève.
2010 Course Foreman. Construction Labour Foundation. Valladolid. (110 h).
2010 VII International Congress of Earthen Architecture. Cuenca de Campos. Valladolid.
2009 VI International Congress of Earthen Architecture. Cuenca de Campos. Valladolid.
2009 Sustainable Architecture Congress. Valladolid.
2009 Land use. Designing the city. Rehabilitate the existing city. Madrid.
2009 Bionics, Innovation and Sustainable Development in the Europe of the Regions. INNOV-ARS. Cuenca. Workshops: Pioz and Cervera.
2007 First Technical Symposium about Vernacular Architecture. CIAT. Boceguillas. Segovia (25 h).
2007 Seminar on Architectural Heritage. Real Estate of Ethnographic Heritage. Castilla y León. School of Architecture.
2005 Seminar Science, Technology and Arts to study Architecture. UVA. Graduate Institut of History of Simancas.
2005 IV Conference for Renewable Energies. Avila (15 h).
2003 Architecture and Public Space as a Project Integrator. IV International Week of Architecture. Avila.
2002 Launching the Bioclimatic and Sustainable Architecture. National Center for Envirommental Education. Valsaín, Segovia (32 h).
2000 Production City. II International Seminar on Architecture. Nuevos Ministerios. Madrid. Workshops: Beatriz Matos – Martínez Castillo. Nasrine Seraji (110 h).

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